"a psychic rehearsal of blood memory"
Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, and nowhere to belong. Prince of Nowhere is an experimental film that explores themes of displacement and migration through the lens of Alemayehu Tewodros, the kidnapped prince of Abyssinia. 

Ethiopian filmmaker, Selam Bekele, travels through time and space to interact with the forgotten Black prince during his final living days in West Yorkshire, England. With internal monologues by Yacob Zuriaw, and acoustic melodies by jazz artist, Meklit Hadero, Bekele's debut film is a contemporary interperation of the nomadic condition. 
The film is coupled with an interactive puzzle piece, Something That Keeps Me Moving, which encourages users to communicate their own stories through the art of improvisation and empty space. 
Since its premier at Studio Grand in Oakland, CA, Prince of Nowhere has been screened in exhibitions in Seattle, New York, Philadelphia, and most recently, at the CinemAfrica Festival exhibit in Stockholm, Sweden.