Selam Bekele is a multimedia artist based between Los Angeles and New York. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Film Production and Visual Communications from the University of California, Davis. With over 7 years of filmmaking experience, Bekele has developed a unique-eye for diverse stories, compelling perspectives, and innovative forms of storytelling.  In 2014, Bekele started her TZTA project which serves as a live archival exploring the time-traveling folklore of her Ethiopian heritage. She has since produced a series of video, sound, sculpture and experiential events around the theme of memory.

As a freelance artist, she has recently been profiled by PBS and Blavity for her work in science fiction and has the production skills to direct,  shoot, and edit her own content. Her experience ranges across disciplines including social documentaries, commercial campaigns, and experimental art installations. Her most recent clients include Bric Arts & Media, Slate Magazine, HBO, and Boiler Room.